The Civil War in the East

1st New York Light Artillery Regiment, Battery I

The battery lost 1 officer and 12 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 officer and 15 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.


The battery is honored by a monumet at Gettysburg.

Monument to Battery I, First New York Light Artillery at Gettysburg



Organized at Buffalo, N.Y. from a German-American militia battery attached to the 65th New York State Militia under Captain Michael Wiedrich.

October 16

Left Buffalo for Albany

November 15

Left Albany for Washington and duty in the Defenses of Washington, D.C. attached to Blenker's Division, Army of the Potomac


March 10

Advance on Manassas, Va. attached to 3rd Brigade, Blenker's Division, 2nd Army Corps, Army of the Potomac

March 11-24

At Fairfax Court House


Ordered to join Fremont in West Virginia, and pursuit of Jackson up the Valley, attached to 3rd Brigade, Blenker's Division, Mountain Department

June 1

Near Strasburg

June 5

Union Church

June 8

Battle of Cross Keys

The battery lost 3 killed and 6 wounded in its baptism of fire against the Louisiana Tigers.

June 9

Near Port Republic


At Sperryville attached to Reserve Artillery, 1st Corps, Army of Virginia

August 16-
September 2

Pope's Campaign in Northern Virginia

August 20-23

Fords of the Rappahannock

The battery lost 1 killed and 3 wounded at Waterloo Briagde

August 23-24

Sulphur Springs

August 27-29

Plains of Manassas

August 30

Battle of Bull Run

The battery lost 15 wounded, including Lieutenant Schenkelberger, who lost his leg to a shell fragment. Only one gun was effective by the end of the battle. All the guns were brought off the field, although several caissons and limbers were lost.


Duty in the Defenses of Washington attached to Artillery, 3rd Division, 11th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac so that the battery could refit. The battery received 6 three-inch Rodman rifles and 40 recruits.


Attached to Artillery, 2nd Division, 11th Army Corps

December 10-16

March to Fredericksburg


Duty at Falmouth and Brook's Station


January 20-24

"Mud March"

April 27-May 6

Chancellorsville Campaign

May 1-5

Battle of Chancellorsville

the battery lost 4 killed and 10 wounded, and losing two guns.


Attached to Artillery Brigade, 11th Army Corps. The battery refitted near Brooke's Station, receiving three year men from the Second New York Independent Battery, whose term of enlistment had expired.

June 12

Left camp at Brooke's Station on the Gettysburg Campaign

July 1-3

Battle of Gettysburg

The battery brought 141 men and 6 Ordnance Rifles to the field, losing 3 killed and 10 wounded. Most of the battery was placed on East Cemetery Hil, while one section under Lieutenant Christopher Schmidt took position on the west side of the hill. The battery was greatly annoyed by sharpshooters firing from a steeple in town, losing Lieutenantss Nicholas Sahm and Christian Stock and several men wounded until against orders they fired a shell at the steeple.


The assault by Hays' Confederate Brigade late on July 2nd led to hand to hand fighting with rammers, sponge-staffs and stones among the pieces, with one set ofConfederate colors planted on one of the lunettes before its bearer was knocked down with a handspike and the flag captured. The battery also suffered through the great artillery barage that preceded Picktt's Charge.

July 5-24

Pursuit of Lee


Near Bristoe Station

September 24-October 3

Movement to Bridgeport, Ala.

October 26-29

Reopening Tennessee River attached to Artillery Brigade, 11th Army Corps, Dept. of the Cumberland

October 28-29

Battle of Wauhatchie, Lookout Valley, Tenn.

November 23-27

Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign

November 23-24

Battle of Lookout Mountain

November 25

Mission Ridge

November 28-December 17

March to relief of Knoxville



At Bridgeport, Ala. attached to Artillery, 2nd Division, 11th Army Corps


Captain Wiedrich resigned to take command of the 15th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment. First Lieutenant Nicholas Sahm was promoted to captain and took command of the battery.


Attached to Artillery, 1st Division, 20th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland

May 1 to September 8

Atlanta Campaign

Captain Sahm died and First Lieutenant Schmidt resigned, so First Lieutenant Charles E. Winegar of Battery M, First New York Light Artillery was promoted to captain in command of Battery I.

May 8-11

Operations about Rocky Faced Ridge, Tunnel Hill, and Buzzard's Roost Gap

May 14-15

Battle of Resaca

May 17-18


May 19


May 23-25

Advance on Dallas

May 25

New Hope Church

May 25-June 5

Operations on line of Pumpkin Vine Creek and battles about Dallas, New Hope Church and Allatoona Hills

June 10-July 2

Operations about Marietta and against Kenesaw Mountain

June 11-14

Pine Mountain

June 15-17

Lost Mountain

June 15

Gilgal (or Golgotha Church)

June 17

Muddy Creek

June 19

Noyes' Creek

June 22

Kolb's Farm

June 27

Assault on Kenesaw

July 4

Ruff's Station, Smyrna Camp Ground

July 5-17

Chattahoochee River

July 19-20

Peach Tree Creek

July 22-August 25

Siege of Atlanta, attached to Artillery Brigade, 20th Army Corps

August 26-September 2

Operations at Chattahoochee River Bridge

September 2-November 15

Occupation of Atlanta

November 15-December 10

March to the sea

Two members of the battery were killed by bushwackers while foraging during the march.

December 10-21

Siege of Savannah

The battery engaged a Confederae gunboat and two tenders, sinking the gunboat and one tender.


January to April

Campaign of the Carolinas

February 2

Lawtonville, S.C.

March 16

Averysboro, N. C.

March 19-21

Battle of Bentonville

March 24

Occupation of Goldsboro

April 14

Occupation of Raleigh

April 26

Bennett's House, surrender of Johnston and his army.

April 29-May 20

March to Washington, D.C., via Richmond, Va.

May 24

Grand Review

June 23

Mustered out

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