The Civil War in the East

145th New York Infantry Regiment "Stanton Legion"


The 145th New York Infantry Regiment lost 1 officer and 14 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 35 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War.


It is honored by a monument at Gettysburg.

Monument to the 145th New York Infantry Regiment on the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg



Organized at Staten Island, N.Y.

September 11

Mustered in for three years service under Colonel Edward L. Price, :ieutenant Colonel Ole P.H. Balling and Major R.L. Van Wagenen

September 27

Left State for Washington, D, C., and Harper's Ferry under Lieut. Col. Ole P. H. Balling. Attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 12th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac


Duty at Bolivar Heights, Md. attached to 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 12th Army Corps

November 9

Reconnaissance to Rippon, W. Va.

December 2-6

Expedition to Winchester and Skirmishes at Charlestown and Berryville

December 10-14

March to Fairfax Station, Va.


January 20-24

Burnside's 2nd Campaign, "Mud March"


At Stafford Court House. Colonel Price joined the Regiment

April 27-May 6

Chancellorsville Campaign

May 1-5

Battle of Chancellorsville

Commanded by Colonel Price, the regiment broke during Jackson's flank attack. Lieutenant W. H. Poole and five enlisted men were killed, 8 men mortally wounded, 1 officer and 28 men wounded, and 2 officers and 50 men missing. Colonel Price was brought to trial for gross cowardice in the face of the enemy, but was found not guilty and retained command.


Attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 12th Army Corps, then 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 12th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac

June 11-July 24

Gettysburg Campaign

July 1-3

Battle of Gettysburg

The Regiment was commanded at Gettysburg by Colonel Price. It brought 245 men to the field, losing one killed and nine wounded.

July 5-24

Pursuit of Lee


At Raccoon Ford, Va.

September 24-
October 4

Movement to Stevenson, Ala. and transfer to the Army of the Cumberland


Duty along Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad until December.

December 9

Regiment disbanded, with Lieut. Col. R. L. Van Wagenen under charges and the officers mustered out. Companies B,C, G, I and K transferred to 107th NewYork , Companies E and H to the 123rd, and Companies A, D and F to the 150th New York Infantry. Colonal A. B. Smith, of the 150th New York later wrote, "About 100 as good men as ever went to the war came to us from your regiment."

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