The Civil War in the East

5th New York Infantry Regiment "Duryee's Zouaves"


The 5th New York Infantry lost 6 officers and 171 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded and 34 enlisted men to disease during the Civil War. Nine of its members attained the rank of general.


The regiment is honored by a monument on the Second Bull Run battlefield at Manassas.


April 23

Organized at New York City and accepted by the State of New York


Mustered in for two years United States service at Fort Schuyler, New York harbor under Colonel Abram Duryee, Lieutenant Colonel Gouverneur Warren and Major J. Mansfield Davies.

May 23

Left State for Fortress Monroe, Va.

May 25

Arrived for duty at Newport News, Va.; Attached to Pierce's Brigade, Newport News, Va., Dept. of Virginia

June 10

Action at Big Bethel

The regiment lost 7 men killed or mortally wounded and 12 men wounded.

July 26

Moved to Baltimore, Md. and duty there attached to Dix's Division

August 15

Major Davies resigns to become colonel of the 2nd New York Cavalry

August 17

Captain Hiram Duryea of Company E promoted to major

August 31

Colonel Duryee promoted to Brigadier General. Gouverneur Warren promoted to Colonel and Hiram Duryee to lieutenant colonel.

September 3

Captain Harmon D. Hull of Company A promoted to major

November 14-22

Expedition through Accomac and Northampton Counties, Va.



Attached to Sykes' Infantry (Reserve), Army of the Potomac

April 11

Moved to the Peninsula, Va.

April 15-May 4

Siege of Yorktown, Va.

The regiment lost 2 men wounded

May 26

Reconnaissance to near Hanover Court House

Attached to 3rd Brigade, Sykes' 2nd Division, 5th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac

May 27

Hanover Court House

Lost one man wounded

May 27-29

Operations about Hanover Court House

June 5

New Bridge

June 13-15

Operations against Stuart

June 13

Old Church

June 25-July 1

Seven days before Richmond

The regiment lost 2 officers and 51 men killed or mortally wounded, 3 officers and 92 men wounded, and 1 officer and 14 men missing out of 450 men engaged

June 26

Battle of Mechanicsville

June 27

Battle of Gaines Mill

June 30

White Oak Swamp and Turkey Bend

July 1

Malvern Hill


Duty at Harrison's Landing

August 15-28

Movement to Fortress Monroe, then to Centreville

August 28-
September 2

Pope's Campaign in Northern Virginia

August 30

Battle of Bull Run

The regiment was commanded by Lieut.-Col. Hiram Duryea and Captain Cleveland Winslow. Its small two-regiment brigade under Colonel Gouverner Warren was deployed in a sacrificial delaying act on Pope's left flank in the face of Longstreet's overwhelming attack. It lost 4 officers and 115 men killed or mortally wounded, 6 officers and 131 men wounded, and 41 men missing out of 490 men engaged.


"Under command of Lieut.-Col. Hiram Duryea, the regiment faced a musketry fire which cut down one third of its men and won praises from all who witnessed its remarkable efficiency and drill while in the thickest of that fight. It was in that battle that after having received several deadly volleys it paused at one time, while still under fire, to count off anew so that its movements might not be deranged by the absence of the fallen men."


From the monument:

Here, about 4 p.m. August 30, 1862, the regiment, 482 strong, supported Hazlett's Battery, "D" 5th U.S. Artillery, when attacked by a Division of the victorious Confederates. The Regiment stubbornly withstood this force, and checked its advance, until the Battery had withdrawn.


In holding this position, the regiment suffered the greatest loss of life sustained by any infantry regiment, in any battle, during the entire Civil War.


The casualties were: killed or mortally wounded, 124; wounded 223. Both color bearers, and seven out of eight of the color guard were killed; but the colors were brought with honor, off the field.

September 3

Major Hiram Duryea promoted to lieutenant colonel

September 6-22

Maryland Campaign

September 16-17

Battle of Antietam

Commanded by Captain Cleveland Winslow, the regiment was in reserve and not engaged.

September 20

Shephardstown Ford

One man wounded

September 29-30

Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Duryea promoted to colonel, Major Hull promoted to lieutenant colonel and Captain Cleveland Winslow of Company E promoted to major.

September- October

Duty in Maryland

October 29-
November 19

Movement to Falmouth, Va.

November 12

Colonel Hiram Duryea resigns

December 4

Major Winslow was promoted to colonel and Captain George Duryea of Company I promoted to major

December 12-15

Battle of Fredericksburg

The regiment lost 2 men wounded and 3 missing

December 30

Lieutenant Colonel Hull resigns to become colonel of the 165th New York Infantry

December 31

Major Duryea promoted to lieutenant colonel


January 20-24

"Mud March"


At Falmouth

April 27-May 6

Chancellorsville Campaign

May 1-5

Battle of Chancellorsville

May 14

Mustered out, expiration of term, at New York City under Colonel Cleveland Winslow and Lt. Colonel George Duryea. Two hundred thirty recruits were assigned to 146th New York Infantry.

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