The Civil War in the East

New York Regiments and Batteries

New York provided 413,686 men to the Union Army during the Civil War. This was the largest number of any state, and almost a third more than the second largest contributor, Pennsylvania.


These men were organized into:

Infantry: 254 regiments and 1 battalion

Cavalry: 32 regiments, 1 battalion and 3 independent companies of cavalry

Heavy Artillery: 26 regiments and 5 battalions

Light Artilery: 6 battalions and 66 batteries of light artilery

Engineers: 4 regiments

Sharpshooters: 1 batalion and 4 independent companies


Due to the large numbers of organizations, New York units are indexed on two pages:

New York Infantry

Includes Veteran Infantry and Militia and National Guard
called into Federal service outside the state


New York Artillery, Cavalry,

Engineers & Sharpshooters

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