The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army

Army of the Potomac

Major General Joseph Hooker



The Cavalry Division was expanded into the three-division Cavalry Corps






First Corps

Brigadier General John F. Reynolds


1st Division

Bde Gen. James S. Wadsworth (until 2/27)

Bde Gen. S. Meredith


2nd Division

Bde Gen. J.C. Robinson


3rd Division

Bde Gen. A. Doubleday (except 2/3 - 2/5)

Colonel R. P. Cummings (2/3 - 2/5)


Second Corps

Major General Oliver O. Howard (until 2/5)

Major General Darius N. Couch


1st Division

Bde Gen. S. K. Zook (until 2/20)

Bde Gen. W. S. Hancock


2nd Division

Bde Gen. J. T. Owen (until 2/7)

Bde Gen. O. O. Howard


3rd Division

Major General W. H. French


Third Corps

Maj. Gen. Daniel Sickles


1st Division

Maj. Gen. David Birney


2nd Division

Bde. Gen. J. B. Carr (until 2/8)

Bde. Gen. Hiram Berry


3rd Division

Bde. Gen. A. W. Whipple


Fifth Army Corps

Brigadier General Charles Griffin (2/1)

Major General George Sykes (2/1 - 2/5 & 2/16 - 2/23)

Major General George Meade (2/5 - 2/16 & after 2/28)

Major General Andrew A. Humphreys (2/23 - 2/28)

1st Division

Colonel James Barnes (until 2/1)

Bde. Gen. Charles Griffin


2nd Division

Brigadier General G. Sykes


3rd Division

Colonel E. M. Gregory (until 2/12)

Bde. Gen. A. A. Humphreys


Sixth Army Corps

Major Gen. William F. Smith (until 2/4)

Major General John Sedgwick


1st Division

Brigadier General W. T. H. Brooks


2nd Division

Brigadier General A. P. Howe


3rd Division

Bde. Gen. Charles Devens Jr.

Bde. Gen. John Newton


Ninth Army Corps

Major General John Sedgwick (until 2/5)

Major General William F. Smith

1st Division

Bde. Gen. W. W. Burns (until 2/7)

Bde. Gen. Orlando B. Wilcox (after 2/7)


2nd Division

Bde. Gen. S. D. Sturgis (until 2/7)

Bde. Gen. Edward Ferrero (after 2/7)


3rd Division

Bde. Gen. George W. Getty


Eleventh Army Corps

Major General Carl Schurz (until 2/5)

Major General Franz Sigel (2/5 - 2/22)

Brigadier General Adolph Von Steinwehr (after 2/22)

1st Division

Bde. Gen. N. C. McLean (until 2/5)

Bde. Gen. Julius H. Stahel


2nd Division

Bde. Gen, A. Von Steinwehr (until 2/22)

Colonel A. Bushbeck


3rd Division

Bde. Gen. A.Schimmelfenning (until 2/5)

Bde. Gen. Carl Schurz


Twelfth Army Corps

Major General Henry W. Slocum

1st Division

Bde. Gen. Alpheus Williams


2nd Division

Bde. Gen. John W. Geary


Cavalry Division

Brigadier General A. Pleasonton

expanded into Cavalry Corps 2/22 (below)

1st Brigade

Colonel William Gamble


2nd Brigade

Colonel T. C. Devens


Averill's Brigade

Colonel J. K. Kerr


Bayard's Brigade

Bde. Gen. David McM. Gregg


Cavalry Corps

Major General George Stoneman


1st Division

Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton


2nd Division

Brigadier General W. W. Averill


3rd Division

Brigadier General David McM. Gregg


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