The Civil War in the East

U.S. Army - Army of the Potomac

Eleventh Army Corps

Major General Carl Schurz (until 2/5)

Major General Franz Sigel (2/5 - 2/22)

Brigadier General A. Von Steinwehr (after 2/22)



First Division

Bde. Gen. N. C. McLean (until 2/5)

Bde. Gen. Julius H. Stahel (after 2/5)


1st Brigade

Colonel G. Van Arnsburg (until 2/2)

Colonel Leopold Von Gilsa (after 2/2)


2nd Brigade

Colonel J. C. Lee (until 2/5)

Bde. Gen. N. C. McLean (after 2/5)


Cavalry Brigade



Second Division

Bde. Gen. A. Von Steinwehr (until 2/22)

Colonel A. Bushbeck (after 2/22)


1st Brigade

Colonel A. Bushbeck (until 2/22)

Colonel C. Soest (after 2/22)


2nd Brigade

Colonel Orland Smith


Third Division

Bde. Gen. A.Schimmelfenning (until 2/5)

Bde. Gen. Carl Schurz (after 2/5)


1st Brigade

Colonel G. Bourry (until 2/5)

Bde. Gen. A.Schimmelfenning (after 2/5)


2nd Brigade

Colonel Wladimir Krzyonowski


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