The Civil War in the East

5th Florida Infantry Regiment



Completed organization at Camp Leon in Tallahassee, Florida under Colonel John C. Hateley, Lieutenant Colonel Thompson B. Lamar and Major Benjamin F. Davis.


Ordered to Virginia with over 1,000 effectives

June 27

Battle of Cold Harbor

Lieutenant Leroy Allen was wounded


Transferred with Pryor's Brigade to Anderson's Division of Longstreet's Command.

September 17

Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)

Commanded by Colonel John Hately, the regiment fought in the Cornfield , retiring to the stone walls along Hagerstown Road after taking heavy casualties. Colonel Hately and Lt. Colonel Thompson B. Lamar were wounded, and Major Benjamin F. Davis then took command of the regiment. Captain William T. Gregory was mortally wounded, dying at home on December 11, and Lieutenant M. B. Swearengen was wounded.


Assigned with Perry's Brigade to Anderson's Division of Longstreet's First Corps

December 13

Battle of Fredercksburg

The regiment lost 1 man wounded



Battle of Chancellorsville

Lieutenant John G. Raulerson and 6 enlisted men were killed and Major B. F. Davis and 22 enlisted men were wounded.


Assigned to Perry's Florida Brigade of Anderson's Division in the newly created Third Corps.


Battle of Gettysburg

The regiment was commanded by Captain Richmond N. Gardner. It took part in Longstreet's assault of July 2 and supported Pickett's Charge of July 3. Out of 321 men engaged, it lost Captain John Frink, Lieutenants Joel C. Blake and John A. Jenkins and 25 enlisted men killed, Lieutenant George R. Walker mortally wounded, Captains Gardner and William J. Bailey, Lieutenants John O. Morris, George L. Odum, J. A. Shaw, William J. Bailey, James G. Shuler, M. B. Swearengen and Benjamin F. Wood and 84 enlisted men wounded, and 3 enlisted men missing.


Captain Richmond N. Gardner lost his left arm but survived. Captain Bailey and Lieutenant Shuler were captured, and died in captivity Shuler on December 11 on Johnston's Island.

July 6

Colonel Hately resigned due to his wounds from Sharpsburg and Lieutenant Colonel Lamar was promoted to colonel.


April 11

Major Davis was cashiered.

May 5 - 7

Battle of the Wilderness

Captain James A. Kinlock killed

July 1864 -
April 1865

Siege of Petersburg

Captain William K. Partridge was wounded


Assigned to Finnegan's Brigade of Mahone's Division of the Third Corps.

August 30

Colonel Lamar was killed at Petersburg


April 9

Surrendered at Appomattox with 6 officers and 47 men under Lieutenant Thomas Shine


The flag carried through the Battle of Gettysburg was retired sometime in late 1863 and returned to the Governor of Florida. It is in the posession of the Museum of Florida History,


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