The Civil War in the East

C.S.A. - Army of Northern Virginia

Third Army Corps

Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill


Heth's Division

Bde. Gen. Joseph R. Davis


Cooke's Brigade

Bde. Gen. John R. Cooke


Davis' Brigade

Colonel Anderson M. Nelson


MacRae's Brigade

Bde. Gen. William MacRae


McComb's Brigade

Bde. Gen. William McComb


Mahone's Division

Major General William Mahone


Finnegan's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Joseph Finegan


Forney's Brigade

Bde. Gen. William H. Forney


Harris' Brigade

Bde. Gen. Nathaniel H. Harris


Sorrel's Brigade

Colonel George E. Taylor


Weisinger's Brigade

Bde. Gen. David A. Weisiger


Wilcox's Division

Bde. Gen. James H. Lane


Lane's Brigade

Colonel John D. Barry


McGowan's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Samuel McGowan


Scales' Brigade

Colonel Joseph H. Hyman


Thomas's Brigade

Bde. Gen. Edward L. Thomas



Colonel R. Lindsay Walker


McIntosh's Battalion

Colonel David G. McIntosh


Owen's Battalion

Major William M. Owen


Pegram's Battalion

Colonel William J. Pegram

Major Joseph McGraw


Poague's Battalion

Colonel William T. Poague


Richardson's Battalion

Lt. Colonel Charles Richardson


Sumter Artillery

Major John Lane


Washington Artillery

Lt. Colonel Benjamin F. Eschleman


OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 46, Part 2 (Appomattox Campaign) p.1268-1275

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